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Live in Dundee

by Ed Muirhead

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The promises are broken now, the dreams are all shattered, and sad hearts are crying like nothing else mattered. The storm has come again, the stronger winds are blowing. Everything else disappears, but the light is still glowing. Oh... Cold souls on the edge of bitterness inside. Some found it long ago, just here for the ride. Trying but always never quite coming through. Going round in circles, but that's nothing new. Oh... Everybody's out there for what they can get, need to stay ahead of the game. Caught in the rat race and missing the point, yet they all end up just the same. A lot of open minds at the market place tonight, hoping for a hand or a guiding light. Now and then the price of love gets lower and lower, try to satisfy but find you're still wanting more. Oh... Has nobody told them - there's another way? Does nobody care now is this bitterness here to stay? Does nobody know now - there's another way?
I want to go where the sun shines, And the rain clouds fade away. I want to know that I'll see your face forever and a day. When I look into your eyes It's a view of a paradise, But I know that there's a trace of doubt here in my heart. When it seems I'm going down, And there's no-one else around, Will you hold me in your arms as I am torn apart? Everything melts into time, As history repeats the rhyme. Then we hesitate as days and nights turn into years. When I know that you are right, There is more than just tonight And the dreams that once seemed real will surely end in tears. How long can I wait till I get to see? How near I can come to where you'll be? How far can I go before you'll reach out? How much can I know, how much can I doubt? When I look into your eyes It's a view of paradise And I know that you still make me feel the way you make me . . .
You see her, you want her You know that you really shouldn't be here. The war's on, they're fighting But you stayed home, you really shouldn't be here. But you see her, say you need her, and you get her, because you get what you want. And you make love into something cheap Like you don't care, but you're in too deep. You try to forget her, But you hear that the baby's on the way. And you don't know what to do now, because you're scared of the things that people say. You're making love into something cheap And you can't stop now, because you're in too deep. And you've fallen from grace And you lied. And you hide your face And you cry. You're crying, you're sorry You're ready to take the blame for what you've done. You know that, though it's over, the consequences will go on. When you make love into something cheap, Before you know you're in too deep.
You're an arctic escalator, baby, All you can give me is cold, cold, stares. And I know you've been feeling low, Thinking that nobody cares. Just dropped by to let you know, I'll be here to help you through. And I see you've been hating me, Well I've been loving you. When I wake in the morning light All I see is your smiling face. And I feel like you're almost real Nothing can take your place. I can't forget how we used to be When we were starting out. And I should, suppose I could, If I can shake my doubt. You give me cold stares, baby, Chill me to the soles of my feet. And I try, sometimes I cry But I know it's you I need. My soul's so sore Hurting like I can't explain. And I'll sing about anything To try to make it right again.
I really don't know what I should do about you. Don't know if I should laugh or cry. Can't see how I can live without you. But you know I'm going to try. I can see the tears you're crying And I know they're not for me. I don't care if you've been lying But I hope that you can see That I don't want to leave you hurting, I don't want to give you pain. You can go ahead, desert me, I just want to see you smiling again. I really don't know what I should do about you. Don't know if I should sink or swim. Can't see how I can live without you. But you know I've fallen in. You say, "You're so sad and you're so lonely, You just feel like you're the only One for me and I'm the only one for you." These days it's hard to be free Of the things that hold on to me I don't know if you'll ever see what I mean. I really don't know what I should do about you. Don't know if I should run or hide. Can't see how I can live without you. Cause you know I've gone and died. Though the waiting lasts forever, I will watch and I will wait. When the sometimes fades to never, And we say goodbye to fate. I can only wish you well With a life that's full of love. As I lay this thing to rest now, I just hope you find what you're dreaming of. I really don't know what I should do about you. Don't know if I should laugh or cry. Can't see how I can live without you. But you know I'm going to try.
Last time you called me, I didn't want to know. All I cried for was freedom, thought you wouldn't let me go. Though I failed to make the feelings last, the mountain-top has all but passed, and the good time's gone so fast I don't realise it's you. Can't see the cage for the clouds. Don't have the privilege of standing out in the crowd. Won't change as long as I can hold on. Sometimes wonder who I'm running from. Reaching for a reason to change my point of view. Follow the rainbow and smile to see it's true. Now I've used up my second chance, flown past the final dance, but I can't blame circumstance, I've known all along it's you. They call it freedom but I would call it loneliness, a silent cry for mercy in the darkness of the night. Now the time has come, shake off this cloak of self-defence; with eagle's wings the bird will take to flight. As I come to my senses I begin to see all I need now is freedom, there's nothing here for me Only the pain of my selfish lies, the bitter tears I can't disguise And the look of love-light in your eyes is calling me home to you.
It used to be that friends were people that you really knew Maybe there were many, maybe just a few Now by clicking buttons you can build a list of friends Keep your broadband busy, while your boredom knows no end Like like unlike, tweet tweet share Like like unlike, show them that you care You don't have to leave your couch, electronic word of mouth. Like like unlike, tweet tweet share When you were younger you'd be playing in the park or street Going adventures, having picnics, playing hide and seek The days were long, the times were good, you had the greatest fun In winter snow was deep, in summer there was endless sun
The time's not right, you say You're waiting for the 'magic'. When things work out okay, And no-one has to say goodbye. And no-one has to cry. Don't tell me now, it's tragic. You pick three chords and try To rhyme these words and make a song. So we can sing along . . . and still she's gone. This love is broken too, It seems the fire just doesn't burn Like how it used to do. Like something changed for you and me. But no-one needs to see The crying heart that doesn't learn. And these three words are free, So play the chords and make a song. And we'll all sing along . . . and still she's gone. And you watch and you wait and you hate when it's like this and no-one ever calls you at all. And you hope you can cope and you try not to cry when it's like this, like no-one wants you, like no-one needs you. She says she is confused, And will you give her time to think? Till she knows what to do, Till then she'll fight on through the day. And no-one needs to say The rats will leave this ship to sink Forget the words and play Just pick three chords and make a song And we'll all hum along . . . and still she's gone.
Alibi (live) 02:55
Show you care and help me see That every prayer is going to reach you. You'll be there and you will make sure I don't cry alone. Take my heart and please watch over me I'll start to turn around. If this part of me is heavenbound You can take me home. I'm calling out, I want to shout. Sanity says I'm not allowed. Don't be shy (you say), let me cry. Vanity says you're my alibi. The tears may dry and as you find yourself You wonder why you still feel the pain. Time goes by but the sadness remains Will we ever learn? If you lost it all tonight, would you care? If you had the chance right now, would you dare? Would you leave it all behind, would you fly blind? Would you? You're calling out, you want to shout. Sanity says you're not allowed. Don't be shy (you say), let me cry. Vanity says I'm your alibi.
The poor get poorer the rich get richer; the powerless are oppressed and the rest, well they don't care no more. They see the sadness in the eyes of the child in the picture in the news story, yet, they still forget because they don't really care. They say it's not really fair. Tell me, What's going on? What's gone wrong? Where is the love now? The sad get sadder the smiles disappear; They say God's far away but nobody's thought to pray because they don't really know. Their lives are full of emptiness, their hearts are full of fear. "Stick with the crowd so you don't get left out", because you don't really know why you're feeling so low. The world is moving faster, no time for waiting here; You're caught in a rush, you're crushed and broken and forced into a mould. The deceiver's working overtime, the end is getting near. Temptation strikes again, and then you fall because your heart has grown cold.


In July 2011 Ed was invited to open the show for The Violent Whispers at their EP Launch gig. The gig was at Dexters, (Castle Street Dundee), and Ed played solo for 45 minutes to set things in motion.

The good-sized crowd were impressed with the songs, cheering and adding some banter. The audio was recorded digitally on the mixing desk, and ten original tracks from the set are available as Ed's first live album.

The tracks are provided entirely as they were performed, no edits or corrections have been made.

Tattie Records TATTCD02 - CD sold out


released July 23, 2011




Ed Muirhead Dundee

old-fashioned songwriting, new-fashioned roots, folk songs & tunes.

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