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Simple Life

by Ed Muirhead

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Alyson Fairweather
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Alyson Fairweather So evocative of everyone's daily struggles: different struggles but the same feelings of the need to "Hold On". Favorite track: Hold On.
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Great-Grandpa Frank came to these plains to find his fortune, make his name. And with his lover, sweet Lorraine they'd live the life they dreamed of. They sailed upon the great Atlantic, struck an iceberg, nearly sank. But young Lorraine held on to Frank, they'd live the life they dreamed of. The winters came down harsh and cold but love was warm and bright and bold. They thanked their Lord as they grew old. and lived the life they dreamed of. - They lost a child in Nova Scotia, swapped their faith for raw emotion. Found faith again, and deep devotion to live the life they dreamed of. And when they finally settled down in this small Alberta town. Lorraine and Frank did make a vow to live the life they dreamed of. - Way up north the land gets wild, lonely roads that stretch for miles. The soul-crossed lovers had a while to live the life they dreamed of. They worked the land for thirty years, gave it all: blood, sweat and tears. Fair and true through joy and fear, they lived the life they dreamed of. - They say the old man lost his sight, then his hearing and his mind. But he still had his true delight and lived the life they dreamed of. And when I think about those two despite the hard times they saw through, they showed a way for me and you to live the life we dream of. 2013
Do and Don't 03:22
Do what you do, please stay true. Don't take for granted love shown to you. Do what you can, Take your stand. Don't be afraid, Hold my hand. Even though the days are long, feeling that you can't go on. Everything you say turns out wrong. I'll be here. Do what you love, love what you do. Don't be afraid love pulls you through. Jan 2012
On Magdalen Green, I stare at the scene: The Tay and the bridge before me. This river is bright, reflecting the light, A tiny white bird flies over me. I cross over the track, with just a glance back The sparkling water is calling me. This river is bright, reflecting the light, The wee dove of peace still follows me. What do you know, where do you go Up in the clouds, in the sky What can you see as you look down on me? How does it feel when you fly? On Magdalen Green, I stare at the scene, My wee bird has flown o'er the river now. She's gone without trace, and leaves only grace. And peace, oh peace like I've never known. 2013
The roads all lead to places you don't know. The people smile but their faces are for show. How far you've come, but so much is the same. The past is gone, you can't go back again. Le pain, du vin, c'est tres bien Eat it up while you still can The bread and wine are both divine Drink up while you have the time. To love and lose your love is hard, It shakes your soul and breaks your heart. To love and choose to turn your back, Is harder still, your heart's attacked. And all the games that you played You never won, never won. And all the promises you made They came undone one by one. The paths we take to places we don't know, They twist and turn when faith is running low. How far we've come, but so much still to learn, The past is gone, you can't go back again. Written in southern France, summer 2012
Simple Life 04:18
Once upon a time I had a simple life A fishing boat, a dog and a wife A son and daughter, we lived by the water We had no worries in our simple life. When the weather was right I would pack my net Kiss farewell to my Juliet Down to the shore, off once more Out on the waves, see what I get. O'er the waves O'er the sea O'er the waves Oh, a simple life for me Oh, a simple life Then one morning a man came by Smiled as he passed and caught my eye We sat together, enjoyed the weather Talking about work and the simple life. He said, "Maybe I could share some tricks I know, Help your fishing business grow: Buy more boats, hire more men Catch more fish, make more profit Be your own boss: kick back and enjoy life more..." I thanked the man and took his card Wished him well, said, "Don't work too hard" Back to my net, and Juliet My children, dog and simple life. My son said, "Dad, that man had style The two of you sure talked for a while. Did he offer money, or say something funny?" "You're right both times son", I said and smiled. "He made me an 'offer I couldn't refuse' But I did, and told how it was in my shoes. He had to go, but I'll let him know If I ever tire of the simple life". Jan 2012
Hold On 03:34
You hold on to your heart so tight somehow it doesn't seem so right when all your friends have left and gone away. You want to clutch it to yourself sometimes you wish you'd asked for help, but now it's all too late is all you say. You lose the tears you can't hold back as your heart of stone begins to crack, and the wounded cries for mercy flood your soul. Don't wait until these cries are gone, don't lose the tears you've held so long, don't let the fear deception take control. Even if your heart's not there, You've heard them say that God still cares, but who would want a heart that breaks like yours? You close your eyes and give up hope and soon you know you'll never cope, but somehow now your empty heart's made pure. And the mystery of your endless flight from a darkness filled with candlelight through memories of the brokenness of dreams. You still hold on, you won't let go, now you're living like you'd never known that the broken life is better than it seems. Summer 1995
A stolen moment is more precious than hours and hours of time that's wasted. So take those hours and hours and make them count. Until a stolen moment comes about. A kiss of passion is more precious than heartless lips and cold embraces. So take these heartless lips and make them count. Until a kiss of passion comes about. A pinch of true love is more precious than buckets full of good intentions. So take those good intentions and make them count. Until a pinch of true love comes about. Apr 2012 runner-up in Nairn Festival 2013 Songwriting competition
Many years ago Great Britain's first ring road Was built around Dundee. On the bank of the Tay, the mighty Kingsway, A super sight to see. Kingsway, oh Kingsway, you save us lots of time. Kingsway, oh Kingsway, your circles are so fine. Now the jewel in the crown some would say Was the double-circle at the top of the Kingsway. From north to south, east to west, The double circle was the best. You could come in from Arbroath And use one circle or both, Turn down to the town, or west to Perth Or north to Forfar and Aberdeen, But if you made a figure of eight You'd be back to where you'd been. But the double-circle didn't last, Their concrete curves are a thing of the past. Now junctions fill that space, And too many traffic lights take their place. From the flow of the circle to the stop of the lights Progress travels on. And the cars and lorries through the day and night Keep the Kingsway going strong. Early 2013
The world may end tomorrow, And if it really does, We'll be gone before I've done The bridge and second verse. The world may end tomorrow, If so, I won't be here. But then again, you too my friends Will all have disappeared. Oh, where did our world go? The world may end tomorrow Forget all you have planned. The seas may rise up to the skies And cover all the land. The world may end tomorrow And we'd lose all we know: Our love and laughter, in the hereafter Above or down below. Oh, where did our world go? So far the world's not ended But if you knew just when, The things you'd change or rearrange Would all be done by then. So far the world's still turning Despite the shape it's in, So grasp the nettle, put on the kettle And let the fun begin! Dec 2012



"Michael Marra's shoes will take some filling, but as the first anniversary of his untimely passing fast approaches it's this Jack Russell's view that Ed Muirhead's got what it takes... let's hope that now he's finished his successful launch tour for the album we'll be hearing more soon. In the meantime you can order the album (and other stuff)..."


released October 4, 2013

Ruaraidh Proctor: Bagpipes on track 1
Graeme White: Backing Vocals on track 1
Frances McGlashan: Clarinet on track 3
Ed Muirhead: Vocals, Piano, Guitar, Accordion, Bass, Percussion
Recorded at TPot Studio by Robin Wynn Evans & Tattie Shed by Ed




Ed Muirhead Dundee

old-fashioned songwriting, new-fashioned roots, folk songs & tunes.

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