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stars from a sidecar

by Ed Muirhead

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Sidecar 03:16
Will you be my sidecar, maybe, will you go along with me? We'll ride the roads together, and see what we shall see. If the road is hard or if the road is clear, Will you be my sidecar maybe, will you go with me from here? Will you be my umbrella, give me shelter from the storm? We'll walk the roads together, and keep each other warm. If the days are short and the nights go on too long, Will you be my umbrella, give me shelter from the storm? Will you be my faithful compass, will you help me find my way? We'll walk the wilds together, and say what we shall say. If the skies go dark and the clouds are ashen grey, Will you be my faithful compass, will you help me find my way? Will you be my baked potato, will you keep me warm and fed? Will you be the voice of reason to the nonsense in my head? When it seems the world has got me on my knees, Will you be my baked potato, I can be your grated cheese. I can be your sidebar baby, I can go along with you, We'll ride the roads together, and see what we can do. If the road is rough, or if the road is smooth, I will be your sidecar baby, I will go along with you.
The Right 03:23
My Grandpa was left-handed but his school-teacher tried To make him write with the right so his left hand was tied. What about you, what do you do? When you meet someone a little different from you? What do you do, What about you, do you have the right? I knew a girl who thought that the right shape for her was thin. As she grew older, she heard what they told her, and she couldn't keep it in. I read about a man who had a masterplan. If you weren't white, you had no rights, and so the war began. When you look at somebody else, Do you compare them to yourself? What do you see, are they just like me? Are they just like you? What do you do? Do you have the right?
Orion's Belt 03:11
Looking at Orion's Belt Makes me feel how I felt Way back when I first stared at the sky. In the dark, three points of light Orion's belt shines so bright Way up there, so far from here, so high. Stars shine down upon us all. No matter where you are, or how small, Stars shine down upon us all. Flying saucers, passing planes Coming back to earth again, Who knows where those shooting stars are bound? In the darkness, travelling light Planes and saucers, shine so bright Way up there, so far above the ground. Wherever you are, see the stars above you Wherever you go, know that I love you. Wherever you find yourself, Look up and remind yourself That each of us has a place Our own time and space.
Where the Heart Is (free) 03:55
My name is Charles, I live alone, This broke Mercedes is my home. I'm on the verge of calling time, Here on the verge of the A9. They say that we shall have no martyrs, They say that home is where the heart is. Her name's Marie, she's fair and kind, Though I've heard tell she lost her mind. But I don't care, cos she's got heart, And love and soul and joy and art. His name is Jack, he'll make you freeze, He'll have you down upon your knees. He comes with winter, snow and frost, He counts the days, you count the cost. So count the blessing, not the curse, Live for better, not for worse. Share and care, near and far, Love and be loved as you are. Here's to you Charles, to you, Stay strong, stay true. Here's to you, my sweet Marie, Stay true, stay free.
Starlit Sky 03:38
The moon shines bright in a starlit sky. It's dark tonight and I wonder why I still see your face in the darkest places, Will I see your face again? I heard today you're gone for good It got too much for you. I can't believe you're gone for good, I thought you'd make it through. The moonlight fades and the stars go dull. The price I've paid doesn't hurt until I can see your face in the darkest places, Can I see your face again? I guess the shock was too much dear, You lost the one you loved. We used to be such good friends dear, My angel from above. The moon has gone and I cannot see, The night is done and I can't believe I still see your face in the darkest places Will I see your face again? Falling stars in our dark sky Are but tears from the eyes Of one who's gone before.
Hang on to that little bit about you that says You won't lay down and die. Stand up for what you believe in Don't give in to a lie. Don't you know you're losing ground? Only time will tell the tale of being lost or found. Never nearer now you're facing up to what you've seen. The clock is ticking ... can you tell me what it means? Give some thought to what you need. In the case of captive comfort only lost or freed. Very clever now you're starting to look like you know. Even still it seems there's nowhere left to go. Into the darkness as it covers your face. Now you know where to find the tears, tears that time can't replace.
I've worn a shirt and tie in Shanghai, in Mumbai and in Dubai. On the southern coast of Norway and several states of the USA. I've been all o'er the world, but where I love to be Is here with you, with me. I've been a hi-tech, low-budget wild rover Who flies the skies the world over From the concrete of Houston To a farmyard in Hannover. Oh the Indian Ocean is so sweet, And those small towns in the south of France are hard to beat. But you're the one who sweeps me off my feet. I've walked the streets of Norfolk and New Orleans, Met the greatest people that I've ever seen, Here and now is the best place that I've been. Hopped aboard a speedboat on the Dutch coast Rode the fastest train in China but I can't boast. Here in your arms is where I love the most. Nearly melted in the Abu-Dhabi midday sun, Couldn't believe the Texas foodstore selling guns. Seen so many but I still know that you're the one.
He's growing fast, where has time gone? He'll be a man before too long. When he was wee it used to be so easy to pick him up, and that was good enough. He's growing fast, he's not a child Says he's been grown-up for a while. He has dreams, and he has schemes They start shaking when it's tough, It's not good enough. He'll fall apart right in front your eyes. He'll steal your heart and he'll steal your lies. As you turn away he'll steal your stuff, If it's good enough. He's growing fast, where has time gone? He'll be a man before too long. I love him so, and let him know In between the other stuff. Is it good enough? All the time that the two of us spend. Goes so fast, though we think it won't end. When all is said and done will we be friends, Is that good enough?
It Shows 03:58
I can tell by the way that you look at me There's a lot more to you than I can see. There's something about you that makes you free, And it shows. It's a while since I've known what a smile can do, So long since I've seen what I've found in you. Whatever's inside is just bound to shine through, Because it shows. Maybe everything is black or white, Sometimes I can't see what's wrong or right; And every day it seems I'm losing sight Of this road I'm travelling on. As the time goes by I begin to explain I recognise your face but I don't know your name. The currents of change have proved you're not to blame, and it shows. As I hear all the words that you have to say, I see why the fear and doubt have gone away. I know now the love I've found is here to stay Because it shows. Maybe this is no coincidence Sometimes I can't find my common sense, And there's never time to sit on the fence - It's this road I'm travelling on. Maybe there is no way to hide, And keep all the secrets locked up inside; And if you live depending on your pride, Believe me, it shows.
Grace has gone, she left today, When nobody was looking she just slipped away. Grace has gone, without a sound, Nobody was listening, now she's not around. If you see Grace, tell her from me That we miss her more than she would believe. Grace has gone, so has her sister: Mercy went too, and nobody missed her. Mercy has gone, we miss her so, Still can't believe that she had to go. Till they return, let's build a place That would feel like home for Mercy and Grace. Grace has gone, she left today When nobody was looking she just slipped away. Grace has gone, I know that she will come back here to comfort me.
This is the tip of the iceberg Calm waters run deep. The signs that surface Hide the secrets we keep. It's the show of the actor On the stage of the soul. Empty smiles fool no-one, A vacant heart plays an empty role. Anyone would think you'd reached your life's ambition, But no-one needs to know that now. Anyone can see you're living in a contradiction, Your sophistications given out. And I can see you're losing touch, Ask where you made the mistake. Complain about how life is bad; Still you join the line of heartbreak. A hundred broken hearts in a line holding hands, Waiting for somebody to show the way. We don't have what our heartache demands. Still wonder why the smile never stays. When the curtains fall, And the late-show ends, How do we keep our dignity When we can't even keep our friends?
It used to be that friends were people that you really knew Maybe there were many, maybe just a few Now by clicking buttons you can build a list of friends Keep your broadband busy, while your boredom knows no end Like like unlike, tweet tweet share Like like unlike, show them that you care You don't have to leave your couch, electronic word of mouth. Like like unlike, tweet tweet share When you were younger you'd be playing in the park or street Going adventures, having picnics, playing hide and seek The days were long, the times were good, you had the greatest fun In winter snow was deep, in summer there was endless sun
Selfish 02:01
I'm selfish, I want you to know that I'm selfish. I care about my stuff, but no-one else's. All I can think about is what I am thinking, and it's all about me! I'm careless, I think you should know that I'm careless. I don't even care if you could care less. All that I care about is just what I care about: it's all about me! You'll hear me complain that things are not fair, But I won't do a thing cos I just don't care! I'm selfish, you've probably discovered I'm selfish. Under the covers I'm useless. I've fallen to pieces, please can you help me to get back together? Lately I've tried to swallow my pride, And it doesn't taste quite as bad as you'd think. Lately I've tried to change from inside, It's enough to drive you to drink!



The new album has a rootsy/folky sound, developing ideas from previous releases. The songs touch on love, loss, prejudice and finding a place in the bigger picture. A couple of songs were written as long ago as 1996 at the age of 19, when Ed took a year out to recover from a breakdown and time in hospital. The rest are more recent, talking about being a father, society and social media, or exploring the world through his travels with work.

Since his previous album 'Day Job', Ed quit a job in engineering to study music therapy, and is now a self-employed piano tutor and music therapist. He's seen a lot of what music can do for all kinds of people, and continues to be inspired to keep making music.


released October 24, 2019

Ed: vocals, piano, organ, guitars, drums, bass, flute, accordion, mandolin
Calder Houston: lead guitar on tracks 1, 2, 3




Ed Muirhead Dundee

old-fashioned songwriting, new-fashioned roots, folk songs & tunes.

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