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Sometimes we lose it: we lose our love
Sometimes it's us who's lost
Sometimes we pull so hard it breaks
We're left to count the cost.

Sometimes we choose it: we choose our path
Sometimes it's not our choice
And then we walk a different way
We heed a different voice.

Sometimes we use it: we use our chance
Sometimes it's all but blown
Sometimes we can't remember why
We have the things we own.

Sometimes there are no words to say
Sometimes there's nothing quite enough
To let you know, to make your day
To share in this thing we call love.

Sometimes the piece is missing, and
The hardest thing to do
Is to find out where it's gone
Before it gets too far from you.

And when you cry or turn away
I'll wish I was made of sterner stuff
When neither knows quite what to say
To share in this thing we call love.

Jan 2014


from grow thrive bend break, released June 4, 2021




Ed Muirhead Dundee

old-fashioned songwriting, new-fashioned roots, folk songs & tunes.

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